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Every cell of your body speaks and absorb feelings, emotions and collective consciousness.

It's possible to clean them from the unwanted and take them back at your desired peace.

Digestive System

the Digestive System goes from the mouth to the anus, and the main organs involved are: mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines, rectum and anus.

Then other organs help and support the main ones with the digestion: liver, pancreas, gall bladder.

Each of these organs is related to a different belief system.

When digestive issues occur, it means that on a subconscious level, the organs are holding negative feelings and patterns which could be:

  • inherited from our ancestors,

  • generated in this life,

  • carried on from past lives

  • or litigations to be solved on the soul level.


abdomen-1698565_1920 (1).png

One of my areas of healing expertise is digestive issues.

Taking into account that, on a subconscious level, every specific issue can be linked to different traumas, patterns, limiting beliefs, here below I will list just a few of them:

Constipation: the inability to let go emotions.

Bloating: stress and fear about the current situation.   


IBS: anger, lack of support.


Intestinal Cramps: fear of moving forward.    


Intestines: communications difficulties with family members. 


Stomach problems: feeling unsafe. 

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Discover your wellbeing through your Divine Intelligence

You can get rid of the energetic limiting filters blocking your health


"Today I attended Spiritual Hummingbird 2 hours Clearing Session on Gut Health.

I experienced a beautiful deep clearing. I felt a deep release in my digest track. Feelings of anger, regret and sadness were brilliantly released though Connie's session.

After this clearing call I also have been experiencing less bloating in my stomach and my bowel movements have been more regular.

Her kind manner and intuitive senses directed the group perfectly.

I am look forward to more clearings with Connie".

Barbara Perez. Miami, US.

It's been a wonderful healing experience with Connie, I received a session from her and while she was listening to my issue, she got the believes which were the holding me back for such a long time. She is highly intuitive and very good Psychic. I felt so relaxed and happy after the sessions as my cells knew that changes has been done. I definitely recommend her if you are having any kind of health issues, relationship or financial problems then you are at the right place with the right person.

Nidhee Sharma, New Delhi

Sara could heal her lower back pain with as little as three sessions and regained her confidence with her own health.

How to get prepared for a session

For any Theta Healing® session or package, it is advised that you set your intention for what you wish to achieve prior to your session.

Please become familiar with Muscles Testing as it will be used during the session.

Drink water before starting the session and keep a glass with you during the session to stay hydrated, to keep your energy level high and to facilitate the Theta healing work and Muscle Testing calibration.

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