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 Theta Healing® Sessions
One-to-One sessions with Connie

Theta Healing® sessions with Consuelo Cannas are available via Phone or Skype. Expiring within 3 months from the purchase.

With one-to-one healing sessions with Connie it is possible to identify what is causing distress in your life.

A Theta Healing® session involves body reading and scanning; digging techniques to discover the roots that hold your issues; Muscle Testing derived from Kinesiology, resetting your DNA, healing past lives, releasing and reprogram unwanted core beliefs to nurturing and empowering ones.

I help people with:

  • Communication issues: speech disorders

  • Eyes Vision Issues

  • Digestive System Issues

  • Reproductive system issues

1 x 60 minutes session

£125 Investment

Each session is focused on laser Body Scans and specific digging techniques are used to identify a different root that is holding your issues. The roots are then released and replaced with evolving realities.

4 x 60 minutes sessions

£444 Investment

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